Kingdom Rush Review

Many people have probably already completed and forgotten about this brilliantly original title due to the insane level of hype surrounding the sequel, Kingdom Rush: Frontiers, which according to Ironhide is due to be released on the 6th June. All credit still must go to Kingdom Rush, however; it is a game that changed the tower defense world irreversibly.

The gameplay of Kingdom Rush is nice and simple, with your main responsibility being to prevent waves of enemies from making their way across the screen and past the gates to your beloved kingdom. The enemies come in an extremely diverse range of shapes and forms, each possessing particular properties for you to deal with accordingly. The way you deal with the enemies is by building towers on certain designated points that lay on the perimeter of the path; upgrades to your towers can then be applied in order to give them different attacks, make their attacks more powerful, and eventually allow them to take on one of two possible final forms, each with their own special attacks that will give passing enemies a hard time.

The range of enemies in this castle defense is quite astounding, with well over 40 to test the capabilities of your towers. Your opponents range from very basic orcs that are poorly-armoured, to shamans with magical capabilities, right through to forest trolls and demon hounds. The four types of tower (ranged/archer, magic, artillery, barracks/footmen) are all capable of dealing with different enemies with different levels of effectiveness. Magic towers are weak against magic-wielding enemies like shamans, for example, with archers being the more capable choice for taking this kind of foe down. Many of the levels hinge on careful upgrade strategy, and can be turned around at the last minute provided you have carefully considered the path of upgrades you apply to your towers; this is the beauty of Kingdom Rush.

With countless enemies to take down, a variety of terrain of different shapes and features to fight for, and a total of eight final tower types to upgrade towards, there isn’t anything about Kingdom Rush that even comes close to even slightly above average. Even the cartoon-like graphics are astounding, and the impressive and comedic sound effects combine with the aesthetics to give the whole thing a jaunty and humorous feel. Top-class tower-defense entertainment.

Since we originally took a look at the free web game there has been the release of Kingdom Rush Frontiers and also the extended web game version in a downloadable pc format. In essence the steam game is Kingdom Rush 2 with both the Curse of Castle Blackburn and the Fungal forest bonus stages providing enough content to see this as a successor to the original. This version is far more in depth and content rich than the web version offering an impressive expansion universe on the former.